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Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

Men's Sexual Mastery

Life Force Training

Are you a high-impact, heart-centered brother looking to deepen in your sexual mastery and step into your full potential as a lover?

Are you seeking more confidence, vitality, and empowerment in your relationships?

Are you single and trying to magnetize your ideal partner?

Do you struggle with performance anxiety, incontinence, or low libido in the bedroom?

Have you heard of men having multiple orgasms but don't know where to begin?

Have you practiced semen retention but feel like the energy is stagnant?

Are you struggling with sex or porn addiction?

Are you looking for support and accountability in stepping into your journey to sexual mastery?

You've come to the right place.

Welcome to Men's Sexual Mastery

The core mission at Men's Sexual Mastery is to awaken, align, and empower each man into stepping into his fullest sexual potential.

We offer online courses, group and individual coaching, as well as live events to provide all the knowledge, tools and support needed for every man to cultivate and maintain peak levels of sexual performance and embodiment.

We believe that suppression is a losing game.

We believe that unrestrained hedonism is also a losing game.

The secret lies in what's referred to as the Middle Path.

We combine ancient sexual mastery techniques with cutting edge behavioral neuroscience to provide a comprehensive framework that has helped countless men align and empower their sexual energy.

Course material includes:

  • Breaking Free from Energetic Leaks (addiction, pornography, premature ejaculation)

  • Tools and Techniques in Semen Retention, Intention, and Circulation

  • Internal Orgasms for Men

  • Sexual Kung Fu Practices

  • Sexual Reflexology

  • Pelvic Floor Conditioning

  • Taoist Sexual Transmutation Practices

  • Orgasmic Breathwork

  • Penis Foreskin Restoration

  • Male and Female Sexual Anatomy and Pleasure Maps

  • Cultivating and Maintaining BDE (Big Divine Energy)

  • The Art of Feeling, Listening, and Reading Consent

  • Consensual Dominance and Power Play

Current Trainings:

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior


Self-Paced Course



Group Training



1:1 Training


Men's Sexual Mastery Embodiment-in-Action

Ready to Master your Sexual Energy?

About Ben

Ben Timby is a transformational coach and spiritual guide who founded Men’s Sexual Mastery in 2024. His expertise is built on a rich foundation of Tantric and Taoist sexual alchemy practices, learned from esteemed teachers such as Mantak Chia, Chris Bale, Jonathan White, and Kim Anami.


Ben’s journey began in a conservative religious background, where he experienced sexual suppression, porn addiction, and severe depression and anxiety. Through his personal transformation, Ben discovered the profound impact of transforming one’s sexuality on overall well-being and spiritual connection. This realization led him to create Men’s Sexual Mastery, an online course, community, and coaching platform.


Men’s Sexual Mastery aims to empower men by integrating ancient practices with modern behavioral neuroscience and psychology. The mission is to awaken, align, and empower men to reach their fullest sexual potential. By fostering conscious alignment with sexual energy, Ben believes that men can tap into a divine gift that can heal ancestral traumas of abuse and destruction while simultaneously connecting to levels of orgasmic bliss and pleasure that will transform their lives.

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