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Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

1:1 VIP Training

Transform your sexuality and become the greatest lover of all time with our signature 1:1 training program.


Over the course of twelve weeks, we will dive deep into releasing blockages held in the body, re-programming neural patterns with daily practices and accountability, and training in Taoist sexual alchemy techniques to rebuild your life force from the ground up.


Combined with weekly group calls and one-year access to the Men’s Sexual Mastery Course, this is the most comprehensive training we offer for men who are ready to fully commit to their journey.

12-Week Training Includes:

- Weekly 1:1 Training Calls with Ben
- 1:1 Daily Accountability Support with Ben
- Weekly 90-min Group Training Sessions
- One Year Access to Men's Sexual Mastery​



Start with a complimentary 20-min Sexual Mastery Session below.


This is a great opportunity to connect, refine intentions, and ensure alignment before committing:

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