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My path to guiding others home to themselves is intimately tied to my own personal journey. I grew up deep in conservative religious conditioning which, while it certainly taught me the value of integrity and alignment with God, was also deeply disempowering and full of shame, guilt, fear, and judgement.

I spent most of my early adult life seeking external stimulus as an outlet to avoid the heaviness, depression, and anxiety I carried within me. I had very low self-esteem, was addicted to pornography, and was a chronic people-pleaser. I was friendly outwardly, but my inner critic ran my internal reality day-in and day-out.

In 2018, I left behind a life of material success and embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage that took me around the globe. As I deepened in my healing journey, my healing gifts began emerging. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I have certainly been blessed with a number of powerful teachers.

My mentors include Xavier Dagba, Anahata Ananda, Chris Bale, Mantak Chia, and Jonathan White. In my 1:1 work, I weave together elements of breathwork, hypnotherapy, meditation, and somatic experiencing to guide clients in releasing limitations and reprogramming their subconscious into a state of coherence.

More recently, my work has shifted to working primarily with men helping them master their sexual life force energy. In my opinion, this work goes to the root of it all. I have seen it bring about the most profound, lasting changes in my own life and in those I serve and am honored to step into service in this way.

I am forever grateful to Great Spirit for guiding me on this path and for all the ways I have been supported. My prayer is to be a vessel of Unconditional Love in service to my brothers and sisters.

If you feel called to connect with me, I would be honored to hop on a call to see if and how I may be of service to you.


Onwards and Upwards,




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Break through limiting patterns and step into your fullest potential in a container of healing, growth, and accountability.



Tap into your greatest potential through mastering your sexual life force energy.



Connect into the deepest parts of yourself in a journey of healing and transformation.

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