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Reclaim Your Light

1:1 Healing Sessions

Journey into the deepest parts of yourself to release, heal, and transmute any blockages keeping you from your highest potential. These energetic re-alignment sessions employ a range of modalities to bring you back into remembrance of who you truly are.

In these 90-min sessions, we will:

  • Drop into a state of deep listening and immersion into the subconscious.

  • Embrace and transmute any shadows and unlock your next level of peace, presence, and well-being. 

  • Re-program the subconscious mind with new neural pathways and behavior patterns.

  • Reset the nervous system into its natural state of relaxation, safety and ease.

These containers are the bedrock of Ben's work and have created massive shifts for those he has served. If you feel called to this work, follow the link below:


“The amount of release I had felt like a miracle. The ability to heal was inside me all along and you showed me that... Thank you for being my guide on this powerful journey.”

Julia Hickethier

Registered Nurse

90-Min Session



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