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Men's Sexual Mastery was founded in 2024 by Ben Timby, a transformational coach and spiritual guide who has been traveling the world collecting Tantric and Taoist sexual alchemy practices under teachers such as Mantak Chia, Chris Bale, and Jonathan White, and Kim Anami.

With childhood origins in a conservative religious background, sexual suppression, porn addiction, and extreme depression and anxiety, Ben's own personal journey of transforming sexuality has been at the core of his personal transformation, his connection to Spirit, and his mission today.

Seeing a need for a comprehensive framework combining these ancient practices with modern behavioral neuroscience and psychology, Ben developed Men's Sexual Mastery as an online course, community, and coaching platform designed to empower every man in his journey of sexual mastery.

The core mission at Men's Sexual Mastery is to awaken, align, and empower each man into stepping into his fullest sexual potential.

We believe that by bringing conscious alignment to our sexual energy, we can tap into the greatest gift God/Creator/Source could ever give us.

We believe that by getting in right relation with the feminine - starting within our own bodies, our own relationships, and our own homes, we are healing ancestral traumas of abuse, rape, and destruction perpetuated by the patriarchy for millennia.

We are here to master our desires so they are not the masters of us.

We are here to learn to hold our energy, to hold the feminine within us and around us, to learn how to generate pleasure rather than seek it.

This is our shared intention - to become masters of our sexual energy and to help every brother doing the same.

We offer online courses, group and individual coaching, as well as live events to provide all the knowledge, tools and support needed for every man to cultivate and maintain peak levels of sexual performance and embodiment.

We believe that suppression is a losing game.

We believe that unrestrained hedonism is also a losing game.

The secret lies in what's referred to as the Middle Path.

We combine ancient sexual mastery techniques with cutting edge behavioral neuroscience to provide a comprehensive framework that has helped countless men align and empower their sexual energy.

Ready to dive in?

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